Doc. JRF/rh/98P a book review by John R. FOHNE


Fernand CROMBETTE, His Life and Works

by Noël DEROSE

Fernand Crombette (1880-1970) a humble servant of God, has given to the world a beautiful gift inspired by his Catholic Faith. He was unparalleled in his pursuit of scientific truth. His purpose was to defend our Faith from the men of science that have the appearance of being sheep but are really ravenous wolves devoted to alchemy. This book written by Noel Derose has magnificently captured the spirit and genius of Crombette and will inspire many to pursue his original works which were written for the layman. Crombette proves scientifically that the geocentricity of the universe as thaught by Sacred Scripture is correct because God said what He meant and meant what He said. Crombette starts his scientific research with humility, praying for the graces necessary from God in order to do His will. Then with principles supplied by his Catholic Faith, he uses science for the greater glory and honor of God by supporting Scripture as it teaches the earth occupies the center of all material creation. This same doctrine is thaught by all the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.

Part of Crombette's genius is that he not only has explained the whys and hows of the errors taught by false science, but he goes on to build for us a spacious and comfortable scientific which is true and faithful both to authentic scientific principles and to the Faith. It is beautifully in harmony with the Scriptures and the interpretations of the Fathers as well as enlightening many previously misunderstood historical events as recorded in profane history. For example, Atlantis and Easter Island receive here a new and exciting explanation fully in accord with the Faith and with Scripture.

The key element testifying to Crombette's genius is the method he discovered of translating Scripture from Hebrew with aid of the Coptic language. The relationship between these two ancient languages enabled the translator to discover greatly expanded and hitherto hidden meanings. The result is a tremendous opening of new knowledge that deserves to be widely studied. The Egyptian, Assyrian and Cretan hieroglyphic writings are broken open revealing details of the history of mankind never before suspected. There is a tremendous section about how the earth and various planets were formed from the sun and how Jerusalem is really the center of the earth and once was located on the very top of our globe. There is a discussion of how God may have performed the parting of the Red Sea by such a tremendous miracle that its effects were to be felt over the entire earth and is recorded in profane history.

The Eastern rites skewed eschatological vision expresses itself through universalism and may be the reason why they do not permit the Apocalypse to be read in their Liturgies. On the other hand, the Latins seem to suffer from a skewed understanding of man's beginning (evolution) and a belief that material creation is infinite. These errors are the book-ends for all heresies. Whether conscious or subconscious, have led scholars to interpret the Books written by Moses, especially Genesis, as mere allegory, poetry, or myth. However, the literal meaning cannot be denied nor discredited in the search for the various other mysteries and knowledge hidden and layered beneath the plain sense of Sacred Scripture. As St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas have both taught, an increase in known truth leads directly to an increase in our faith.

A great deal of knowledge was given to Adam and Eve, knowledge which modern apostate man has thrown away. This knowledge has been passed down to us particularly in the Book of Genesis, though much of it in its embryonic state. These truths taught in Genesis and known to Adam and Eve are developed throughout Crombette's works, some of which can be obtained in English.

An error regarding the Book of Genesis will obscure or blot out our ability to see the truth in other books of Scripture. To eliminate the major errors of modern science in these darkest of all dark ages a better knowledge of Genesis is therefore most important. Fernand Crombette can provide a guide in recovering these long-lost truths as he illuminates science with the light of faith.


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